Dating website contacted by police as part of missing boy search

Dating website contacted by police as part of missing boy search »Play Video
SEATTLE -- Bellevue police have requested information from a personals website that appears to indicate the mother of Sky Metalwala had been seeking a "sugar daddy."

"Pictures on her profile seem to resemble Julia Biryukova, and address provided as well as login records show it is from Washington state," said Brandon Wade, the founder and CEO of the site Wade said the account, which was created on July 25, remains active.

Biryukova is the mother of 2-year-old Sky, who disappeared after she left him alone in an unlocked car 10 days ago. The woman said she left him alone while she and her 4-year-old daughter went to get help after their car ran out of gas. Investigators later determined the car's gas tank was not empty.

On the dating site, which features photos of Biryukova and her description, the author wrote that she is looking for "financial stability," a "successful mentor," and "a REAL man."

The author said she expects to be provided between $3,001 and $5,000 a month.

The description states the woman speaks fluent Russian, Ukrainian and English, is a "mommy of 2 beautiful babies" and lives in Redmond. The post is signed "JB".

Wade said he has provided the all the necessary information about the account to law enforcement.

Bellevue police Maj. Mike Johnson told a news conference Tuesday that social media are part of the investigation, but he would not comment on specifics.

Biryukova, 30, is a native of Ukraine. She moved to the United States as a child and has an apartment in Redmond. She and her husband, Solomon Metalwala, are involved in a divorce and child custody dispute.

An attorney for the missing boy's father, Solomon Metalwala, said Biryukova made an offer during the divorce proceedings. She said she would stop making demands for child support if the children's father would give her the freedom to leave. "To allow Kulia to to take the children to Russia or Scottsdale, Arizona," according to attorney Mark Klass. Two weeks later, Sky disappeared.

The couple's 4-year-old daughter is in protective custody. Solomon Metalwala was allowed to visit with her for several hours on Tuesday.

Police said hundreds of investigators are working on the missing person case that could turn into a criminal case.

A $1,100 reward is being offered in the case. Anyone with any information regarding the disappearance of Sky Metalwala should contact the Bellevue Police Department at (425) 452-2546 or through their e-mail tipline at