Police: Teen arrested in 'Columbine-style' shooting plot

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Puyallup Police Capt. Scott Engle discusses the case with members of the media Friday.
PUYALLUP, Wash. - A 14-year-old boy is under arrest for allegedly planning a Columbine-style shooting at Aylen Junior High School in Puyallup, police say.

Two other teens have been suspended from school in connection with the plot.

Capt. Scott Engle of the Puyallup police says authorities were alerted to the plan Thursday after the 14-year-old attempted to recruit other students to join him in the school shooting.

One of those other students notified school officials, and said the 14-year-old had proposed "doing a Columbine" at Aylen Junior High, located at 101 15th St. SW in Puyallup. School officials then notified police.

The Puyallup police school resource officer and major crimes detectives contacted the suspect and his family at his home Thursday afternoon to assess the threat.

During the investigation, police learned that the 14-year-old suspect had contacted several other students in a recruiting effort to join in on the "Columbine" plan, Engle said.

The suspect was then taken into custody and potential evidence was seized. He was booked into Remann Hall for investigation of conspiracy to carry out an act of violence, and is being held without bail.

Seven other teens apparently knew about the shooting plan, including a girl, and some of them were asked to take part. But only one of them came forward and told school officials about the plot.

Two of those seven have been suspended from school.

Engle said it does not appear that the 14-year-old suspect had direct access to firearms, but may have been recruiting others that did. There is no indication that the shooting scheme was to occur on any specific date.

During a Friday afternoon court hearing, the boy's parents said he is a good student who receives As and Bs in his classes and has no attendance issues.

Puyallup detectives followed up with all other students that were involved in discussions with the main suspect, and all involved families have been contacted to ensure that there are no credible threats to school safety, Engle said.