Once-injured eagle reclaims the skies

Once-injured eagle reclaims the skies
LAKE TAPPS, Wash. -- An eagle that was found badly injured has been treated and released to roam the skies over Lake Tapps once again.

Beverly Stern found the eagle struggling in the bushes nearly three months ago. It was so badly injured that Stern feared it would never fly again.

But thanks to Stern and the Paws Wildlife Center, one of the most regal birds known to man has been given a second chance.

"You just never know with a wild animal, you take it out of its environment," she said. "But I was just hopeful. I didn't really know what to expect."

The eagle underwent surgery for a fracture bill, and was treated for cuts over his eyes and puncture wounds.

But after months of recovery, the bird was finally released on Saturday.

And when the bird finally took flight, Stern was left breathless.

"It's a wonderful feeling, I can't even imagine how he feels," she said. "I've seen stuff like this on TV, but I've never been part of it. It's wonderful, it's going to be one of the highlights of my life."

As the regal bird spread its wings and reclaimed the skies, Stern had one parting message.

"You be careful, don't get in a fight again," she said.