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SEATTLE --'s planned expansion into the Denny Triangle would undoubtedly be a boon to the local economy, but the idea is getting mixed reviews from area residents.

Amazon is hiring and needs more space than it's South Lake Union headquarters has to offer. In order to meet its growing needs, the company is now looking at building three to six new high rises in Seattle.

"Oh i think it's great. It's huge," said Robert Engbloom.

Huge is definitely one way to describe the project.

The proposal, which was filed this week, is to build office buildings on each of the three corners at 7th and Lenora. Nothing's settled yet, but the buildings could be 37 stories tall, according to the plans.

"Well, I suppose that will ruin the view," said Sophia Franco.

The view right now includes the Space Needle to the north and downtown Seattle to the south. Closer in, it also includes quite a mixture of parking lots, a motel, a theater and a car dealership.

"And some of the buildings are in pretty bad shape," said David Hullet.

To preserve public space and walkways, the new design would include retail space at ground level and an Awareness Garden, complete with large natural stone and trees. Each of the buildings would also include underground parking for more than one thousand cars.

"It would probably help the safety but not the historical part of the city," said Kendra Lee.

All of those issues and more will be taken into consideration during the design phase. There are several different proposals on the table right now and the project would be built in three separate phases.

"Lots of employment for people around the city," said Engbloom. "I think it's great"

The next step in the process is a public meeting of the Downtown Design Review Board on March 27.