Seattle set to sizzle in Saturday, Sunday summer sunshine

Seattle set to sizzle in Saturday, Sunday summer sunshine
SEATTLE -- OK, so I embellished the headline a bit.

"Sizzle" is a bit of a relative term when talking about summertime heat. When you've seen the countless stories this and last summer of days on end of 100-plus degree heat in several locations across the Midwest and East Coast (112 in Oklahoma City on Tuesday -- their second-warmest day on record and 15th straight day over 100) perhaps trumpeting an anticipated high temperature in the mid-upper 80s seems a bit... paltry.

By Seattle summer standards of late, it might as well be 112. After all, we're still counting the minutes we've been at or above 80 in Seattle, and it's still less than an hour (58 minutes). The lofty 80s have only been reached five times this year so far, with the hottest day of 83.

But high pressure will start to build into the region on Friday, allowing temperatures to rise to near 80 for perhaps the sixth time, and if so, Saturday and Sunday will mark days No. 7 and 8 as we warm up as well.

In addition to full sunshine Saturday and Sunday, we'll add in just a hint of an easterly breeze that will give temperatures a little extra boost. Highs on Saturday will reach the mid-upper 80s in Seattle with perhaps a 90 here and there to the south and east. (If by chance Seattle manages to reach 90, it'll be the first time since August 16, 2010). Even on the coast, where they can count the days above 70 on one hand, temperatures are expected to get close to -- or perhaps even reach -- 80 degrees, especially on Saturday.

Sunday looks about the same for the Puget Sound region -- plenty of sunshine, and highs in the mid-upper 80s with a few spot 90s. The only change will be along the coast where the cooler air will return, knocking temperatures back down into the 70s.

Of course, around Seattle the forecast means all systems go for the big SeaFair festivities this weekend. With crystal-clear skies expected, the Blue Angels should have no altitude restrictions and the hydros should have calm waters on the Lake with their greatest challenge being sun reflections. Saturday also happens to coincide with Seattle's statistical driest day of the year -- August 4 has had rain only 9 times in the past 119 years and it'll be 120 after this year. (It's why Seafair chooses this weekend for the big events)

Long range forecast models gradually cool us off back into the 70s for next week as our natural air conditioning kicks in, but still quite pleasant conditions expected to remain through the week. Certainly enough to take the "sizzle" out of the headline by then.