Police shut down apartment brothel

Police shut down apartment brothel
TUMWATER, Wash. -- Police here say they have shut down a prostitution ring operating from an apartment and advertising on Craigslist.

Detective Jen Kolb said five women were arrested at the end of a four-month investigation.

Reya Smith, 23, Holly Ralls, 22, and Adrienne Krieg, 19, were all booked for investigation of prostitution. Heather Whitney, 27, was arrested for investigation of promoting prostitution, and 34-year-old Ramona Person is being investigated for leading organized crime.

Kolb said Person ran the brothel, known as "Miss Kitty's Sinnsations4u," out of an apartment in the 1200 block of Mottman Road Southwest. Investigators said she advertised online, mainly using the Craigslist web site to attract customers.

Detectives were working to identify men who patronized the brothel and other women who may have worked as prostitutes.

None of the women has been charged, and Thurston County prosecutors are reviewing the evidence.