Seattle Special Ed Student Shows How Inclusive Education Benefits the Entire Student Body

Seattle Special Ed Student Shows How Inclusive Education Benefits the Entire Student Body
For Dr. Sean Adelman – a father of three, including Dev, a high-school age daughter with Down syndrome – life lessons are not just for the young.

His daughter’s experiences inspired him to write “Sam’s Top Secret Journal,” the first in a Nancy Drew-style children’s book series featuring a protagonist with Down syndrome.

Of the inspirational experiences, he says that various studies have shown that integrating special-ed students with non special-ed students - a modern movement called “Inclusive education” - offers many benefits for the entire student body, and his daughter Dev is living proof.

In this visually rich segment, Dr. Adelman appears with his inspiring and remarkable daughter, Dev, to offer parents, family and friends of special-ed students and their counterparts an amazing story of how “inclusive education” has worked wonders for Dev and the entire Nathan Hale High School student body, and how it can do so for them and their families as well.

• Diversity and the real world: How Children who attend inclusive schools, where all children are mainstreamed, are better able to navigate the complexities of our diverse adult society.
• The meaning of friendship: Why Friends must learn to accept one another’s limitations and flaws, and to complement one another’s weaknesses by contributing their strengths.
• Empathic development: How a now famous study showed that the students in “inclusive education” schools treated each other better in general. How children learn that everyone needs help from time to time, and it’s as gratifying to provide it as to receive it.

About Sean Adelman

Sean Adelman is author of Sam’s Top Secret Journal, a practicing orthopedic surgeon and advocate for exceptional kids in Seattle. He and his wife, Susan, have three children. Adelman wrote the “Sam’s Top Secret Journal” series to show the similarities the protagonist shares with other children, and to explore how differently-abled individuals benefit society.