KOMO News sues WSDOT to uncover 520 repair costs

KOMO News sues WSDOT to uncover 520 repair costs
KOMO 4 Problem Solver Tracy Vedder in court asking a judge to order WSDOT to turn over documents related to the cost of the 520 bridge project.

SEATTLE – Washington State taxpayers are on the hook for millions of dollars in repairs on the new 520 bridge and it isn’t even scheduled to open for at least two more years.

At the same time the Washington State Department of Transportation is keeping documents which could reveal the costs of the new bridge strictly secret.

In response, the KOMO 4 Problem Solvers have filed a lawsuit against WSDOT in an effort to force officials to turn over those documents and help uncover the true cost of the repairs and the construction.

After a series of Problem Solvers investigations aired last fall state lawmakers began raising their own concerns about cracking pontoons and leaks.

“We as legislators should be upset about the fact that we're spending more money that we thought we were going to have,” said State Senator Curtis King.  

King co-chairs the Senate Transportation Committee.

“Every time we spend another million dollars it's the citizens of the state of Washington that are paying that,” said King.

Last October, KOMO 4 Problem Solver Tracy Vedder asked Transportation Secretary Paula Hammond about the cost of the project.  Hammond declined to reveal any specifics.  Hammond did however say the state is liable for most of the pontoon problems.

“When there's a design flaw, we own it,” said Hammond.

Coming up tonight on KOMO 4 News at 11pm Tracy Vedder reveals evidence of new pontoon problems.  Vedder will also air new claims made by inside sources alleging those problems are getting worse.  Stay tuned tonight after Scandal on KOMO 4.