YouTube video shows 164 mph ride on I-5

YouTube video shows 164 mph ride on I-5
Oregon State Police provided this photograph of the camera attached to the suspect's motorcycle.

EUGENE, Ore. - A YouTube contributor who claims to be the man accused of shooting digital video of himself accelerating his motorcycle at extremely high speeds posted the footage on May 16.

"Me taking my Honda CBR600RR out for a test run. I got pulled over shortly after, and this video got me convicted of careless driving and reckless endangering. I advise other bike riders to obey the posted speed limits," the poster wrote.

Police arrested a man in April and charged him with reckless driving after he allegedly hit speeds in excess of 160 mph and captured the ride on a digital camera. Read the story here.

Photographs police supplied to the media in April show a motorcycle dashboard similar to the one in the video.

The man arrested in April, Ben Howard Kelley, pleaded guilty to careless driving and recklessly endangering another person by operation of a motor vehicle.

He was sentenced to 16 days supervisory custody and 18 months probation and fined $1,317.

The YouTube poster's screen name is "bendhowardkelley," but reporters have yet to confirm the identify of the person who posted the video.