'Dreamy beach warrior' identified as Seattle man

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SEATTLE -- Women across the country have their eyes on one man who has been making national headlines as a mysterious handsome hero.

He saved another man's life on the East Coast, but took off before anyone could get his name. He only left behind a partial picture that was taken by a witness.

For weeks that picture was all Brian Jordan had to go on as he searched for his rescuer. The only detail that stood out was the tattoo on the man's right arm.

Jordan didn't think he'd live to tell the story of the day the ocean nearly got the best of him. He couldn't swim hard enough after falling in the water.

"I thought the boat was close enough I could just quickly grab it, but the tide and the current was so strong and the waves (too)," he said. "I was literally hanging."

Jordan gave up, almost positive he wouldn't make it out of the water alive.

"Rather than panic I just kind of shut everything off, went under water and just hoped," he said.

That's when he heard a voice. A man whose face Jordan could not see pulled him to safety.

"The only thing I remember of him saying (are) 'you're OK, I got you. Don't worry, I got you.' And those were great words," said Jordan.

But the rescuer left before paramedics arrived, and Jordan was left wondering just who had saved his life.

When New York newspapers published the partial picture of the rescuer, it sparked a nationwide search for the man dubbed "the dreamy beach warrior," "the mysterious surfer" and even "a Matthew McConaughey look-alike."

Well, search no more, ladies. The nameless heartthrob is Kevin Campion, a 30-year-old ship captain from Seattle.

Campion was sailing from Florida to Maine when he happened to stop in New York and run into Jordan in trouble.

According to his profile on Myspace.com, Campion is a single Aquarius. His step uncle describes him as a modest man.