Bear trapped in Renton released into wild

Bear trapped in Renton released into wild
RENTON, Wash. -- A bear that once wandered into an area neighborhood is now back in the wild, but with a limp and some healing to do.

Back in April the black bear strayed into Renton back in April and climbed up a tree. When the bear refused to come down, a fish and wildlife official was hoisted up to the bear's level in order to tranquilize the animal.

The bear fell some 50 feet and crashed to the ground, breaking his hip. Bruce Richard with the Department of Fish and Wildlife trapped the injured bear and took it in to be cared for.

Doctors with the Progressive Animal Welfare Society (PAWS) spent the past six weeks nursing the bear back to health.

"He's in good shape there, he's got some jaw tone but not much yet," said Dr. John Huckabee. "The head of femur was removed."

The doctors performed surgery on the 240-pound bear, which is the biggest bear PAWS has ever rehabbed. And the bear's still growing; he's only 3 or 4 years old. The doctors placed a special device on his ear in order to keep their eyes on him.

"This is an ear tag, that has a radio transmitter on it. So we can follow him after he's been released," said Huckabee.

The same trap that brought the bear to PAWS took him back to the nature.

"We're try to take him far enough away, that he'll have a long way back. And by the time, hopefully he'll find a girl bear, and he'll like to stick around," said Richards.

Richards said the bear would be released deep in the Cascades, in a remote area rich in food and other bears.

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