Passenger: Fatal S. Seattle crash stemmed from street race

Passenger: Fatal S. Seattle crash stemmed from street race »Play Video
SEATTLE -- Two teenagers were killed and three others were critically injured in a street race when the car they were in crashed into a pole in the South Park neighborhood of Seattle on Sunday night.

Investigators said the 16-year-old driver lost control on a curve just after 8 p.m. in the 9200 block of 8th Ave. S.

The driver died at the scene, and a 13-year-old girl died shortly after being taken to a hospital. Family members identified the 13-year-old as Lucie Hernandez. The rest of the victims' names have not been released.

Lucie Hernandez
The other three passengers were listed in critical or serious condition at Harborview Medical Center, according to police.

Gilbert Camacho, a passenger who suffered two broken arms in the crash, told KOMO News they were on their way home from the mall when they passed another car on the street and organized an impromptu race.

During the race, the car with Camacho inside lost control and crashed into a pole.

Camacho thinks he passed out and believes someone pulled him out of the car... then he walked to his home a few blocks away.

"I don't remember nothing to be honest," he said. "It was a blessing, like God or something, told me to go to the house, I don't know what way I got to the house, I just remember calling my sister's name when I got to the house."

His sister said he looked pretty bad.

"He looked like he was about to pass out," Cici Camacho said.

Police say they haven't determined yet if alcohol was a factor but Gilbert Camacho insisted none of the teens were drinking or high.