2 killed as speeding car crashes into Green River at Tukwila

2 killed as speeding car crashes into Green River at Tukwila »Play Video
Crews arrive at the scene where the car plunged into the river.
TUKWILA, Wash. - Two people were killed Friday morning when their car plunged into the Green River not far from Southcenter Mall, officials said.

Police and rescue crews responded to the scene, on South 180th Street, at about 1:45 a.m. after receiving a report of a crash. It took some time before they realized that there was a passenger in the vehicle, in addition to the driver. Both were found dead at the scene.

The driver was later identified as Conjewel M. Glover, 38, of Des Moines. The passenger, his girlfriend, was Johnetta Powell-Stewart, 35, of Seattle.

An investigation found that the car, an Audi A-6, was heading west on South 180th Street when the driver lost control.

Witnesses, including a driver for UPS, told police the driver was speeding at the time, slammed into the embankment, went airborne and landed in the river at a curve in the roadway.

Conjewel Glover (left) and Johnetta Powell-Stewart (right)
Police say there are no skid marks on the roadway - suggesting Glover never hit the brakes or had a chance to correct himself.

"He built up quite a bit of speed before he hit that corner," said Mike Murphy with Tukwila Police. "Just don't know if he didn't see the corner coming.. or hit it deliberately or what the situation was. He hit it straight on and fast."

Friends who came to the scene said the two victims were dating, and both had several children of their own. They admitted Glover had served prison time for theft, assault, forgery, drugs and illegal firearms possession. And he has a current warrant out for his arrest on theft charges.

But friends say they can't figure out how any of that could be related to what happened here.

Police say it'll be awhile before toxicology reports come back.