Arrest made in Hawaii for murder of Oregon woman

Arrest made in Hawaii for murder of Oregon woman »Play Video
Ivy Harris, in a photo from her Facebook page.

HONOLULU – Police have arrested a 38-year-old man on Wednesday for the murder of an Oregon woman, according to Honolulu police.

Ivanice Harris was vacationing in Hawaii when she disappeared last month. Police found her body along the coastline a few days later.

According a law enforcement source, the suspect is Nathaniel Cosby.

KHON-TV in Honolulu reports Cosby was arrested for 2nd degree murder.

Honolulu police say the man arrested is not from Oregon or Hawaii.

He was arrested at Honolulu International Airport. He has not been formally charged.

Cosby is a Marine and was just about to leave Hawaii and head back to Japan where he was stationed.

Harris traveled to Hawaii from Portland with friends to celebrate turning 29 years old.

Harris graduated from Lincoln High School in Portland. She was a student at Mt. Hood Community College.

A spokesperson for Harris' family and a longtime friend, Andre Miller, said they're still in shock.

"We want to know why. You can have an arrest in this situation, but everybody really wants to know why and how," Miller said. "He was arrested on second-degree murder charges. She was four weeks pregnant and she was murdered. You know, the family was hoping for more."

Miller said he helped police track down someone on Craigslist who had purchased Harris' missing jewelry and could describe the man he bought it from. No word yet on the connection between that lead and Wednesday's arrest.