Reality show to star local pet-loving siblings

Reality show to star local pet-loving siblings

SEATTLE - Seattle has seen Top Chefs and Bachelors, but a new reality show is coming to town.

"In my personal life I think I'm a really friendly guy, but the business makes me a little crazy," Ryan Pacchiano says.

The show rotates around Ryan Pacchiano and his ambitious sister Lori Pacchiano.

"I started a pet company to dress dogs up, so yeah I'm totally eccentric," says Lori.

Lori takes her dogs Henry and Texas everywhere, even red carpet events.

"Texas gets VIP passes to them always, and he gets a plus one so a model will usually escort him the whole night," Lori added.

The siblings are no strangers to the limelight, and once showed off their line of over-the-top pampering products for their pets on Northwest Afternoon in 2006.

Celebrities went batty for boas and their company,High Maintenance (expletive), was making money.

The pair became as popular as their products with the reality show on Bravo called "Showdog Moms & Dads." Ryan was featured on everything from billboards, buses, to barns and cabs throughout California and New York.

Now their brand and affluent friends have been selected to star in a show.

"I can tell you some of the girls are heiresses in the community," Ryan says.

Doron Ofir, the same casting agent responsible for Jersey Shore and Millionaire Matchmaker, selected the most eccentric people in their circle.

The Pacchiano's perseverance and products, combined with Seattle's blend of mystery, millionaires, and dog lovers, make a combination that Ofir thinks networks and viewers will want.

"If you take Sex in the City on HBO, the city was the main character on that show, and I'm hoping Seattle becomes the next big character on television," says Ofir.

The working title of the reality show is the same as the Pacchiano's company.

The siblings expect to sign contracts with a production company next week.