High-speed Ferrari chase ends with a bang and an arrest

High-speed Ferrari chase ends with a bang and an arrest

OLYMPIA, Wash. -- The passenger in a high-speed chase says he was scared to death as the Ferrari hit speeds of 100 miles per hour through Olympia Sunday night.  

The passenger bailed out and the driver was eventually arrested. 

Movie goers have a fascination with car chase scenes. You throw in a Ferrari, like with "Bad Boys II," it's all the better. 

Shaun Goodman owns such a Ferrari, and police say he took it on a high-speed chase Sunday night.  

Charging papers say Goodman befriended a bar patron at the Westside Tavern and offered him a ride home. The patron said the ride was more than he bargained for as Goodman allegedly sped away from police at speeds up to 100 miles per hour after they tried stopping him for speeding. 

"I jumped out of the car and now I'm calling you guys because I'm scared he might be looking for me," Henry Griffen told the 911 dispatcher. "He smoked them man. I mean he went so fast." 

Griffen said he told Goodman he had a son and begged him to stop. He later jumped out when the Ferrari slowed down at an intersection. 

Police say the chase ended after Goodman crashed into several cars and a home before being cornered in a church parking lot. Homeowner Robin Rettew said it sounded like someone was racing up her driveway when she heard a series of crashes.

"He smashed into the side of this van," Rettew said. "He smashed into all of my flower pots that were here, and into the side of the garage."

Judge James Dixon ordered Goodman held on $75,000 bail, noting that he had six previous DUIs and recently graduated from DUI court in Thurston county.

"This is akin to an individual with a loaded gun walking though downtown firing rounds," Dixon said. 

A sergeant at the jail said Goodman posted bail and was released sometime after 7pm on Monday.

Goodman's defense attorney Paul Strophy said his client is a business owner and strong member of the community. A friend told us Goodman is a big supporter of local sports who made his fortune in the fiber optics business, which is why he can afford to be driving a $100,000 Ferrari.