2011 'beastquake' still holds record

2011 'beastquake' still holds record »Play Video
Beastquake 1 (2011), red in the figure, was both larger and lasted longer than Beastquake 2 (2014), black in the figure. But not by a huge amount.

SEATTLE - The 12's went Beastmode with their roar at CenturyLink Saturday as the Seahawks played to a victory over the New Orleans Saints.

It's the art of the racket and rumble that rocks the CLink and defines the 12th Man.

"I mean it is an earthquake. The earth shakes a little bit when the fans get excited," said UW Seismologist John Vidale.

The Pacific Northwest Seismic Network installed two seismometers at CenturyLink Field to measure movement as fans stomped and cheered during big plays at Saturday's playoff game.

PNSN says the strongest movement at the stadium was measured during Marshawn Lynch's second touchdown.

"He's the beast and he makes a 'beastquake' and he did again today. That second touchdown was the clearest signal all day in South Seattle."

PNSN says they compared Saturday's "beastquake" with the first 'beastquake' from 2011 when Lynch ran the ball for a 67 yard touchdown.  Fans exploded with excitement, literally rocking CenturyLink Field like never before.

According to the measurements analyzed by PNSN, Saturday's "beastquake" did not break the record. The reaction from fans following the play from 2011 was both louder and lasted longer at the CLink.

After this playoff victory, Lynch's "Beastquake" is shaking the Seahawks and 12th Man one step closer to the Super Bowl.

"The fans and Marshawn Lynch are a great pair," said Vidale.

Fans have next weekend's match up to break the 2011 record.