March calls for $15 dollar minimum wage

March calls for $15 dollar minimum wage

SEATTLE -- Supporters call it the "fight for $15" and it's happening right here in Western Washington.  More than 1000 people marched through the streets of Seattle Saturday, calling for a big boost for minimum wage workers in Washington.

 "It's really about seeing and having a world that's more equal," said Maddie Foutch who supports a wage increase.

Nationwide Seattle seems to be leading the charge for $15 dollar minimum wage.  Voters in the community of SeaTac recently passed a ballot initiative for $15 dollars an hour.  And some Seattle city leaders are behind the push.

"I think $15 dollars is a good first step to shoot for," said Elliot Jensen.

Jensen is grateful for the community support because he's currently working at a fast food restaurant making $9.32 an hour.

 "I'm a college graduate, but this is all I'm able to do right now," said Jensen.

But behind the door of Seattle Sports Bar "95 Slide" small business owner Jeffery Montano says $15 dollars an hour simply isn't practical for businesses like his.

 "I think there is good intentions, but the reality is I can't afford it.   I would end up laying off my employees," said Montano.

But supporters of $15 dollar minimum wage say boosting the bottom line for low-wage workers will help our community, quality of life and economy.

"I think it's just time to see that change happen in our city and across the nation," said Maddie Foutch who walked in the march across Central Seattle.