GOP booth sells $3 Obama bills at state fair

GOP booth sells $3 Obama bills at state fair »Play Video
SNOHOMISH COUNTY, Wash. -- A $3 bill has both Democrats and Republicans talking.

The controversial bill features Barack Obama wearing a headdress, propelling a widespread myth that he's Muslim. Some call it a joke, but not everyone's laughing.

Carol Ronken is, in fact fuming over the bill which she found at the Evergreen State Fair's Republican Party booth.

"It's racist. It's disgusting," she said.

On the bill the words "da man" are printed under his face, perpetuating the myth. Obama is, in fact, a Christian.

"To make money on top of it even makes it worse," Ronken said. "They weren't giving it way; they were selling it for $3."

Ronken snapped a picture, then called the local newspaper.

Republican county chair Geri Modrell says she never approved the bill.

"It's not the policy of this party to use this low-level of humor," she said.

Calling the bills a bad joke and nothing more, Modrell says she has asked volunteers to put them away.

Somebody thought it was funny. Somebody thought it was funny, that's all," she said.

Those bills are no longer being sold at the fair, but they're available from several sources on the Internet. One Web site is even selling a pack of 25 for $5.

Cheri De-Shaw, whose booth sat right across from the Republican Party's at the fair, says she's heard an earful from visitors.

"One lady was very irate but the other nine or ten people I spoke to were concerned," she said. "They didn't feel that was proper."

Modrell says she's working to track down the person responsible, but says she doesn't plan to conduct an extensive investigation. She says it's tough enough to recruit volunteers and she doesn't want to alienate another.