Serial motel robbery suspect caught

Serial motel robbery suspect caught
TACOMA, Wash. -- A man suspected in a string of violent motel robberies has been stopped in his tracks.

Police believe they have caught the man who robbed at least nine different motels in Tacoma, Fife and Federal Way since Sept. 26, terrorizing the clerks on duty on many occasions.

Angela was working at the front counter at the Tacoma Comfort Inn around 8 p.m. Tuesday night when a man suddenly vaulted the counter and demanded money.

"He seemed very nice at first. He said, 'Hi. How are you doing?'" she said. "Before he actually got (all) the words out, his hands were on the counter and he jumped over."

Surveillance cameras have caught the suspect in action at other motels over the past month. Those images, along with a detailed description of the man from his victims, might have led to his downfall.

Investigators say someone called CrimeStoppers Wednesday afternoon and said the suspect was riding a bus. Police were waiting for him when he got off.

The man tried to run, but officers chased him down and even used a stun gun when he put up a fight.

So far, the 22-year-old man is only charged with one count of first-degree robbery. But investigators believe he may be responsible for ten robberies altogether in Tacoma, Federal Way, SeaTac and Fife.

"There's nothing to indicate that he was going to slow down," said Ofc. Mark Fulghum. "If anything, he was picking up his pace. The fortunate part was that nobody was seriously hurt at this point. And now that we have him off the streets, nobody will get hurt."

Investigators said the suspect never brandished a gun or a knife during the robberies, but there have been indications that lead them to believe he might have been hiding a weapon during some of the incidents.