Former teacher arrested in sex investigation

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SEATTLE -- A former teacher accused of having sex with a 16-year-old Bellevue high school student has been booked into King County Jail for investigation of sexual misconduct with a minor.

Deene Juncker, 47, resigned Oct. 15 from Forest Ridge School of the Sacred Heart, an all-girls middle and high school of about 380 students in Bellevue, two days after admitting to the affair to school officials.

Police have been investigating whether the former teacher had sex with the student during a relationship Juncker acknowledges "crossed" professional boundaries, according to a search warrant filed in King County Superior Court. Juncker was a drama instructor and yearbook adviser at the school.

Police said what started in the classroom progressed to a rendezvous in a lavish hotel room.

The alleged misconduct first came to light in February when the girl's mother learned about text messages Juncker had been sending her daughter and alerted the school, according to the search warrant. The girl's mother told officials she was worried about the frequency of the messages, as well as the hours at which they were sent.

School officials told Juncker he was not to send the student any more messages not related to school, and the teacher agreed.

Seven months later, the mother caught the teacher parked near the family's home, prompting Juncker to confess to school officials that he had been carrying on an improper relationship with the student. Juncker said he and the student had strong feelings for each other and often met outside of school, but denied having any physical contact.

The school alerted police and Child Protective Services and two days after his confession, Juncker resigned.

Now detectives say they've uncovered several disturbing e-mails exchanged between Juncker and the student, some of which allude to a meeting at the Westin Hotel in Bellevue.

In one e-mail Juncker wrote, "How I loved having the chance to truly make love to you the way I have always wanted," according to court documents.

The e-mails also mentioned ordering room service and taking a trip to Europe together in the future.

A manager at the Westin Hotel confirmed Juncker had rented a room in September of 2008 for one person. The teacher's wife told police she was not aware of her husband having stayed at the hotel or of his alleged relationship with the student.

Police said they've found photos of naked women and teenage girls on two school-owned laptops that had been used by Juncker.

Bellevue police spokesman Greg Grannis said Juncker went to a Bellevue police station this week. According to jail records, he was booked this week.

School officials declined to comment.