Counties, churches open emergency shelters

With the incoming storm expected to trigger widespread power outages across Western Washington, many agencies and churches announced plans to open emergency shelters.

King County

• Seattle officials also plan to keep open three severe-weather overnight shelters at City Hall, the Frye Hotel and Seattle Center Pavilion at least through Monday.

King County

A Warming Center for the homeless will be open starting at 6pm Monday at the Oak Harbor Senior Center. Food and cots will be available.

Pierce County

• Bethany Baptist Church, 713 S. Hill Park Drive in Puyallup

• Puyallup Nazarene Church, 1026 7th Ave SW in Puyallup

• Buckley Community Center (opened at 4 p.m.), 127 N. River Road in Buckley

• Edgewood Community Church (opened at 1 p.m.), 1720 Meridian E. in Edgewood

• Sunrise Baptist Church (opens at 7 p.m. - please bring sleeping bags or blankets), 12115 Shaw Rd. E. in Puyallup

• Key Peninsula Community Church, 17015 9th St. KPN in Lakebay

• Key Peninsula Lutheran Church, 4213 Lackey Rd. in Lakebay.

• Citizens who can't make it to a shelter are being asked to shelter in place. Because of the high winds also forecast, there is also a strong potential for power outages. Sheltering in place means preparing your family and home to ride out the storm - making sure emergency supplies are ready in case of loss of electricity. Supplies include extra food and water, flashlights, radio, batteries, alternative heating sources, extra blankets, first aid kit. Do NOT bring generators, grills, or propane heaters inside, because of potential carbon monoxide poisoning.

• In response to the severe storm predicted this weekend, the Pierce County Emergency Operations Center is activated.

Snohomish County

• Salvation Army - 2525 Rucker Ave, Everett WA 98201 (serves men & women).

• Everett Gospel Men's Mission - 3711 Smith Ave, Everett WA 98201 (serves men only).

• Everett Gospel Women's Mission - 5126 South 2nd Ave, Everett WA 98201 (serves women & children only).

• South Snohomish County Emergency Central Network - meeting location is in the Lynwood Library located at 19200 44th Ave W, Lynnwood WA. Should this site be closed the Fire Department located at 18800 44th Ave W, Lynnwood WA is the alternative site. The network serves men, women and children. The checkin takes place between 6 and 7 p.m. at the above mentioned location(s). At 7 p.m., individuals and families are dispersed to the various participating resources, which are made-up of a network of local churches.