Another day, another round of snow

Another day, another round of snow
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SEATTLE -- After more than a week of dealing with snow and icy roads, Western Washington residents awoke Wednesday to more snowfall in many areas.

On Interstate 90, and accident on the icy freeway in the Rainier Valley area blocked all westbound lanes for a little over an hour Wednesday morning.

Some areas were seeing a mix of rain and snow, while others were seeing a steady dumping of the white stuff that for some people has become a four-letter word lately.

As we get into the early afternoon, warm air will begin scouring out the cold air and snow levels are expected to rise to about 500 feet in the metro area. That should change the sea-level areas to rain, but the cold air will be more stubborn up north.

A WINTER STORM WARNING is in effect for western Skagit and Whatcom County areas through Wednesday evening. We could see as much as 2-4" of new snow up here.

The Warning has been downgraded to a Winter Weather Advisory for Snohomish County, the Cascade foothills and the Hood Canal as new data suggests the transition to rain will occur sooner. Here, about 1-3" of new snow is expected before changing to rain below 500 feet. (Areas above 500 feet could see snow linger a little longer and maybe trend toward 3-4".)

For the greater Seattle -Tacoma area, southwestern Washington, and northern islands, the Winter Weather Advisory remains in effect for the same time frame. Here, accumulations are expected to be around 1-2" before the change to rain.

But we still can't shake the cold, as cooler air will move back in on Wednesday evening, likely dropping the snow level back to sea level again. In the storm's wake, we'll see scattered hit-and-miss showers that could be quite intense as the atmosphere becomes unstable Wednesday night through Christmas Day.

New accumulations with these storms will be quite variable depending on whether a shower finds its way to your home and how long it sticks around. You could get anything from 0 to 2-3".

Snow showers taper off Christmas Night.

Friday will see a warmer storm and is finally the knight that slays the snow dragon. It might briefly begin as snow, but should change to rain fairly quickly and stay that way. The rest of the weekend will feature rainy and breezy conditions, with highs in the 40s.

Pay attention to your roof

This upcoming repeating pattern of snow, then rain, then freezing overnight temperatures, will put extra weight on the large snow packs from earlier storms. Those with flat roofs needs to take precautions to get the snow off the roof. Car ports are vulnerable as well.

Also, as this snow begins to melt in earnest Friday through the weekend, ponding and urban flooding problems could arise. Be sure to try and keep storm drains clear of ice, snow and debris.