Vets go extra mile for puppy mill dogs

Vets go extra mile for puppy mill dogs »Play Video
EVERETT, Wash. - Veterinarian Steve Weinrauch was watching TV with his wife a few weeks ago when he saw the heart-wrenching images of 600 dogs rescued from three filthy kennels raided in Mount Vernon.

He couldn't just stand by - he knew he needed to get involved.

And now dozens of dogs rescued from kennels in Mount Vernon are getting the medical help they so desperately need, thanks to the hard work of Weinrauch and other veterinarians and volunteers.

"We saw what happened and we thought we'd like to get involved and help out," Weinrauch says.

Weinrauch teamed up with Dr. Giles Little, who opened the doors to his Renton Banfield Pet Hospital.

Now the clinic's ER is constantly busy. On a typical recent day, there were 28 dogs, dozens of volunteers and hundreds of procedures - all to give the rescued dogs a shot at a new life.

"We're basically trying to make them as adoptable as we can," says Dr. Giles Little, veterinarian owner of Renton Banfield Pet Hospital.

Everett Animal Shelter, which is housing many of the dogs, is very grateful for the vets' timely aid and assistance.

"Knowing that these animals had been without care for a long time and that they were all going to need care, I mean, it was a pretty expensive prospect," says Hilary Hager of Everett Animal Services.

And there's a lot of work to be done.

"We're seeing a lot of rotten teeth, a lot of tartar, of lot gingivitis, dental infection, dental disease," says Weinrauch. "We're also seeing a lot of ear infections, really really bad skin."

But one by one, the furry little guys are getting the help they need - one step closer to the homes, lives and love they deserve.

"We're so grateful that they were able to do this for us," Hager says.

Weinrauch says he never doubted it was the right thing to do.

"Might as well send them home shipshape, take care of them and make sure they all go home happy," he says.

It will still be a little while before the dogs are ready to be adopted.

But anyone who is interested in adopting can visit the web site of the Everett Animal Shelter.