Mother Nature doesn't take the weekend off

Mother Nature doesn't take the weekend off »Play Video
The Lake Stevens area got about 3 to 4 inches of snow Sunday morning. (Photo by YouNews contributor txthree)

SEATTLE -- Happy Daylight Saving Time Day -- the first sign that days are getting longer and spring and summer are just around the corner.

How to celebrate? Let's talk some more about snow.

Snow fell in spots Saturday night -- mainly from the pesky Convergence Zone, although a few other showers donated an inch or two to some other random cities.

The Convergence Zone brought 3" of snow to Marysville overnight, and about 1.2" to South Everett, 1" to Snohomish and about a 1/2" to Mountlake Terrace. Outside the zone, Grand Mound picked up 3", while Federal Way had about 1.5" on grassy surfaces, and Port Townsend received 3" in a heavy shower that rolled through.

That is going to be the story of Sunday and Sunday night -- these random, roaming snow showers that can drop 1-2" of snow, but then move along and the sun breaks out in between.

Upper air flow is still conducive to additional formations of the Puget Sound Convergence Zone, but the engine is winding down. Still, we'll keep a slightly higher chance of enhanced snow showers between the Seattle-Bellevue and Everett corridors, much in the same locations that had it Saturday.

Other places that will see a little better chance of showers today include the North Interior -- Whatcom County, San Juan County, western Skagit County, and the northeastern Olympic Peninsula, which will start to get some of that cold wind coming out of the Fraser Valley push up against the Olympic Mountains and start squeezing out snow, especially later Sunday into Monday.

Also, Southwestern Washington will start getting more frequent snow showers today as the main trough of low pressure moves that way.

Again, it'll be these hit and miss accumulations of up to 1-2", with perhaps a little more along the foothills on the Olympic Peninsula.

Highs Sunday will be in the upper 30s to low 40s, except mid 30s near Bellingham where cold air will begin funneling out of the Fraser Valley.

Sunday Night & Monday

Snow showers remain in the forecast Sunday night into Monday, but will be decreasing further in number and frequency. Still, any snow showers could put down 1-2", but they'll just be more sporadic.

But we are expecting a hard freeze Sunday night as arctic air pours in from the Fraser River Valley and spreads across the area. Lows will generally be in the mid-upper 20s, making ice a real concern for the Monday morning commute, especially where it has snowed. Plus, there's still the chance of snow showers -- there is a chance that this arctic air might create its own band of brief snow as it spreads south . So just because your lawn might be bare Sunday evening doesn't mean it won't be bare by Monday morning.

Any snow from that band would be pretty light, but even just a coating of snow can be really messy with temperatures in the 20s as we saw two weeks ago.

Once we get into Monday, snow showers should finally end from the north and we'll begin to really clear out and bring lengthening periods of sunshine. HOWEVER -- It'll be a brisk day though, with highs in the upper 30s to near 40.

We clear out Monday night and that will allow temperatures to really drop -- down into the low-mid 20s for most areas, although the greater Bellingham area will likely drop to near 20, perhaps upper teens.

Tuesday looks dry and continued chilly, but a bit milder with highs in the low-mid 40s (colder near Bellingham -- upper 30s there.)

We could still drop to around the freezing mark Tuesday night, so keep those sensitive plants protected.

By Wednesday, we're back to a milder, southerly flow and temperatures stay above freezing through the day. The rest of the week is now trending drier and warmer, with highs climbing into the low-mid 50s by the weekend.

However, really long range forecasts drop us back into the 40s the following week. Guess moving Daylight Saving Time forward three weeks earlier didn't fool Mother Nature any. :)