Second search finds no trace of missing mother

Second search finds no trace of missing mother
Nancy Moyer
TENINO, Wash. - Dozens of searchers and 10 search dogs could find no trace of a missing Thurston County woman after a day-long search of the area around her home Sunday, officials said.

The search, organized by the Thurston County Sheriff's Office, was the second one in two days for Nancy Moyer. The 36-year-old mother of two vanished without a trace about two weeks ago.

The sheriff's office brought in four bloodhounds, six cadaver dogs and about 40 volunteers to take part in Sunday's search. Washington Explorer Search & Rescue, Jeep Patrol and the South Puget Sound Mobile Unit all were involved.

But nothing was found, and a sheriff's office spokesman said there are no more planned searches.

Dozens of friends and co-workers organized a search on Saturday as well. They found nothing, either.

All of Moyer's personal belongings and identification were left behind at her home. Those who know her say it's not like her at all to go anywhere without telling anybody.

Moyer was last seen Friday, March 6, after she finished up her workday at the state Department of Ecology in Olympia. She dropped off a co-worker on her way to her Tenino home.

Then came the following Sunday when her family realized she was missing.

Bill Moyer separated from his wife two years ago. But on Sundays he routinely drops off their daughters, ages 10 and 11, at their mother's.

When Bill came over with the girls, almost everything appeared to be in place. The light was on as was the TV. Nancy's purse and keys were inside. Her car was parked out front.

The only thing missing was Nancy, who was nowhere to be found.

Detectives combed her home and car for clues. They found no evidence of a break-in or a struggle, and investigators found little to go on.

"It's very suspicious, a lot of red flags on this," said Lt. Chris Mealy.

A big part of the frustration for those trying to find Nancy Moyer is the area in which they're searching. It's an extremely rural area of Thurston County, with trails and roads that lead to all sorts of different places, the searchers say.

"There's a reservoir, Thompson Creek Road, which has lots of offshoots, Johnson Creek Road with the same thing," says Anni Smith. "It's very rural, very private - almost too overwhelming to think of the places where you could hide something."

Along with the posting of flyers all around Tenino, a Web site is now up and running - with a growing reward for Moyer's safe return, along with pictures of her tattoos to help identify her.

Anyone with information on Nancy Moyer's whereabouts is urged to contact the Thurston County Sheriff's Office.