'She just loved everybody and wanted to do something for you.'

'She just loved everybody and wanted to do something for you.'
SEATTLE - She was just 27 when her bike slammed into a van Wednesday morning, ending all the promise of her young life.

Police are investigating the crash, and whether the van driver was at fault. But Susanne Scaringi's family is looking elsewhere for answers. They believe hers is not a story of sadness, but one of faith.

Susanne Scaringi rode her bike to work every day. Her bike was such a part of her life, she convinced her husband to start riding.

But her parents worried.

"Her mother and I tried to talk her out of riding her bike to work 100 times," says Mike Neil, "and it just wasn't going to happen. She loved to ride that bike."

Wednesday morning, their fears were realized. Susanne was riding with traffic in West Seattle on her way to work. Police say a gray van made an improper turn and the 27-year-old slammed into the side. She died that night at Harborview.

"Having your 27-year-old daughter ripped from your life is a tragedy; it leaves a hole, it cuts deep," adds Neil.

In addition to being an avid cyclist, Susanne also climbed mountains and volunteered at a Christian youth camp called "Beyond Malibu" in Canada.

But above all, her family says her faith shone in her love of others.

"Didn't matter what you looked like, what you dressed like, what your beliefs were," says Scaringi's mother Susan Neil. "She just loved everybody and wanted to do something for you."

So, Susanne's family says this tragic crash isn't an end. Her faith and her legacy make this a beginning.

"Her life was a gift," says husband Tony Scaringi, "and we wanted to make sure that gift kept going."

And so they donated Susanne's organs, giving others the gift of life.

"And I think that's our greatest hope," says her father, "that at some point, we would get a phone call that said, 'We are so thankful because we have organs donated from your daughter.' "

And they have peace knowing her last act was a gift.

"Susanne... she would give to the point of - she would keep giving, she just wouldn't stop," adds her husband, "and that's what she wanted to do."

While the investigation is still under way, police say there is no evidence of excessive speed or alcohol involved in this crash. It could be months before the investigation is complete.

Susanne Scaringi's family suggests that anyone wishing to make donations should make them to the youth camp where she volunteered.

Their Web site is www.beyondmalibu.younglife.org