Many shunning the office and home to get their work done

Many shunning the office and home to get their work done
SEATTLE - Where would you rather get your work done?

At work? At home? Or somewhere completely different?

Millions of Americans are choosing the third option.

An estimated 30-million people find that working on their laptops in coffee shops, libraries or anywhere else they can plug-in works for them, and that number is increasing every year.

One Seattle doctor sometimes works out of a south Lake Union coffee shop.

"I do work here that I couldn't do, basically, in the office because of the distractions," he said.

He says he's actually more productive on certain projects away from the office.

"I usually pick a place where I can have a little bit of snacking food or something because that's a new distraction, if you say 'oh well, I have to leave in order to get food,' that's another distraction."

Michael Van Ditto runs his Internet business five days a week from the next table over.

"The reason I come to the coffee shops is because I'm a social person, and I go berserk sitting at home all day long by myself listening to stupid TV or whatever."

And as a former employer, Van Ditto believes more workers should "get out more."

"If people are getting their work done, I don't care where they are."