Killer gets life sentence in 31-year-old murder case

Killer gets life sentence in 31-year-old murder case »Play Video
PIERCE COUNTY, Wash. -- A woman accused of killing her boyfriend and cutting up his body with a chainsaw has been sentenced to life in prison.

Renee Curtiss, 55, will serve the sentence for killing Joe Tarricone more than 30 years ago.

While handing down the sentence in Pierce County Superior Court Friday, Judge Kitti Van Doorninck said she could not believe Curtiss never showed remorse during the entire trial.

"It's truly appalling in terms of believing that she is a human being," the judge said.

The victim's son and daughter were on hand and spoke to the court about the anger they've felt toward Curtiss.

"I would like to see her spend the rest of her life in prison like an animal caged up," said Gypsy Gonzales-Tarricone, the victim's daughter, adding Curtiss slaughtered her father "like a pig."

"This was a senseless murder. It was not enough to shoot him in back of head, but she had to go get a chainsaw and dismember him," she said.

"She's just an animal, in my opinion, I don't know very many people who could do that to an animal, much less a human," said her brother, Dean Tarricone. "To me, her whole incentive for doing this thing was financial gain on her part."

Joe Tarricone vanished without a trace in 1978. His whereabouts were unknown until June 2007, when a construction worker unearthed Tarricone's remainswhile tearing down the home where Curtiss had lived decades years ago.

While 7 children, 16 grandchildren and 11 great grandchildren were left with no answers, investigators said Curtiss traveled the world on Tarricone's dollars and remarried.

"I feel she should be put away like an animal like she is," said Gonzales-Tarricone.

In February, Curtiss' brother, Nicholas Notaro, was found guilty of shooting Tarricone twice in the head, cutting up the body with a chainsaw and burying it outside a house in Puyallup. He was sentenced to life in prison on April 4.

Notaro, 60, told detectives he shot Tarricone twice in the head for his sister.

Court documents state Curtiss and Tarricone had been dating, but she wanted Tarricone "gone" and asked her brother for "help with the problem." Notaro admitted to shooting Tarricone twice in the head at his sister's request. He said he and his sister took turns with the chainsaw, dismembering his body.

In a strange twist, Notaro, 60, had killed his own wife just a week before in Alaska. Notaro was convicted of manslaughter after her body was found.