Second-hand search can stir up first-rate bargains

Second-hand search can stir up first-rate bargains
SEATTLE -- Consignment sales are climbing as consumers are searching for ways to stretch their dollar.

We went to a few consignment stores in Seattle to see what we could find.

As many parents know, kids outgrow their outfits before they wear them out. But on our trip to SugarLump's consignment store on East Madison, there's new clothes here at used prices.

"People are not always able to return things they don't use or they just overbuy or don't get to it," said Sarah Isakson, the shop's owner.

And who wants to spend a lot of money on maternity clothes when you don't wear them very long? And we found brand new items that still have the price tags.

Isakson pointed out one outfit that still had its new price tag at $60, being sold for $16.

Just down the street at Fury Consignment, the owner sees consigners regularly dumping designer wear they've never worn.

"This suit retailed at $1,345 -- our price is now $278... never worn!" said store owner Sam Levine as she pointed out a brand new suit.

She takes in merchandise from boutiques that go out of business.

Another example? She showed us another outfit that went for $158 new. Her price was $64.

Every day shoppers hunting for new items amidst the second-hand rows are not disappointed.

"I never shop regular retail except for maybe my underwear," said Beth Shepherd.

Yvonne Glabek and her husband didn't need to do any wheeling and dealing to find a bargain on bikes.

They went to Play It Again Sports and found their gem. The bicycle she found there were so gently used, you couldn't tell they had prior owners.

"I'm thinking if I take it biking twice, it will look exactly the same," she said, noting they were getting the bike for about 1/3 the price of a new bike.

Another bonus to shopping at consignment shops? The longer an item sits in stock, the more the price drops.