Auburn Police looking for missing teen

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She should have called home long ago. And while Caleta White's family hopes for the best, they fear the worst. Now her family and police need your help to find her.

"I miss her laughter," says White's older sister La Rhonda Ward. "She was a very happy person and this is just definitely not like her at all."

Ward says Caleta is like any 18 year old. She might go off in a huff. But also like any 18 year old, she lives on her cell phone.

And Ward can't explain why her sister - her best friend - hasn't called or seen her since late August.

"She'd never, ever," exclaims Ward, "she would not take that long to call me back; she would definitely would have called me."

If Caleta went where she said she was going, detectives figure she probably got off at a bus stop in Tukwila, north of SeaTac. She was living nearby with her boyfriend.

Several things make police and Caleta's family suspect foul play.

"She's had ample time to contact family and hasn't," says Auburn Police Sgt. Jamie Sidell. "Her acquaintance, her boyfriend has a criminal background, her acquaintances stories about where they last saw her are inconsistent."

Caleta is small and slight, standing 5 foot 1 inch tall and weighing just over 80 pounds. She was last seen wearing a yellow Adidas jacket, blue jeans and yellow boots.

Her family misses her, and it's just getting worse, "birthdays and holidays that she would always be there and she hasn't called," Ward wipes away tears.

Police don't know if this is foul play or just an 18 year old being irresponsible. Either way, her family needs to know. Although White was last seen in Tukwila, her mother lives in Auburn and that's where her disappearance was first reported. So any tips on this case should be reported to Auburn Police or 911. Or you can contact Caleta White's family at 206-852-8397.