Mother Nature combines three months of weather into two days

Mother Nature combines three months of weather into two days
It's sort of like giving your father a Father's Day gift, then heading down to Lake Washington to see the hydros and Blue Angels, topped off with a dazzling 4th of July fireworks show.

Sound like a lot to do in a short time? Well, that's a metaphor to how wet it's been in the past two days. Seattle has received just about as much rain in the past 36 hours as we had in all of June, July and August combined. (We're about a third of an inch short, but we might be there by this evening.)

But while rain has been a near constant the past two days, a new wrinkle into the forecast is the wind. Strong southeast winds have developed over the area, gusting as high as 55 mph in the North Sound areas.

We've heard reports of trees and power lines down on Whidbey Island, Lopez Island, and in the north Snohomish/Skagit County areas.

Here are some peak wind gusts Friday:

Sekiu: 69 mph
Oak Harbor: 56 mph
Forks/Quillayute: 54 mph
Bellingham: 52 mph
Friday Harbor: 43 mph
Hoquiam: 43 mph
Everett: 41 mph
Arlington: 39 mph
Seattle: 35 mph
Bremerton: 33 mph
Olympia: 31 mph
Tacoma: 26 mph

The peak of the winds have passed and will continue to taper off this evening. But the break will be brief. More on that in a moment.

The meteorological deal is that we have four pretty-potent storms coming through the area one after another between now and Tuesday. The first one is what's going through today, with a second Saturday afternoon/evening, a third Sunday evening/Monday, and then another last one Monday evening into Tuesday. Let's break this down by day:


The bulk of the heavy rain and gusty wind is over tonight, but still some showers tonight, with lingering winds around 15-25 mph. Overnight lows will stay around 50.


We're still expecting a brief lull in the rain intensity Saturday morning, but storm number two begins to blow ashore by midday or early afternoon. This one will bring another round of moderate-to-heavy rain and strong winds -- perhaps even a little windier than today's storm. That would mean south-to-southeast winds gusting to 30-40 mph in the Puget Sound/Southwestern Washington areas, and perhaps 50-55 mph along the coast and Northwest Interior (Everett north to the border, and west to Port Townsend, including San Juan and Island Counties. Highs will be around 60.


Another lull in the rain and the winds should come down some. But the break won't last long.


Again, Sunday should begin fairly calm, but the third storm comes rolling in by afternoon and will be with us through Sunday night and most of Monday.

This storm is the wettest one of the bunch, so we're expecting heavy rain with this one in all areas, except for maybe the Olympic Rain-shadowed areas (Sequim). It will once again be windy along the same lines as Saturday's wind speeds.

It's this storm that might send some mountain rivers into flooding. Be sure to keep an eye here for flooding information.


I'm calling this a "fourth storm" but it could also just be a secondary wave off the third storm. Semantics aside, it means another round of rain and wind, but should be weaker than the Sunday event. Still, more rain and breezy winds.


By Tuesday, we should just be into scattered showers. And then just isolated showers for Wednesday and Thursday. But more wet weather is expected for the end of next week. Might have to lump in celebrating Mother's Day and Labor Day as well :)

Stay dry out there!