Man accused of beating dog for not liking motorcycle sounds

ORTING, Wash. -- Police here have arrested a man accused of violently beating his dog with motorcycle handle bars.

When detectives arrested Thomas T. Pettit, he said, "Yeah, I can see that," according to the statement of probable cause.

Investigators said Pettit beat his Doberman Pinscher, Lily, so severely that many of her teeth, including a molar and all of her upper front teeth, have to be pulled.

Police officers responded to a dispute report to Pettit's home around 2:30 a.m. on Sunday. They heard loud clanging noise, as well as a man yelling, "Sit down, you stupid (expletive)! Sit down!" from the garage, the document said.

Officers knocked, and a man holding a screwdriver cracked the door part way. Officers noticed that the man was "highly agitated" and detained him.

Inside the garage was Doberman Pinscher who appeared to be "extremely disoriented and frightened" wandering in circles, investigators said. The dog was "bleeding and drooling profusely from her mouth," according to the document. The dog, who was later identified as Lily, ran from the officers, dripping blood as she ran.

Officers noted blood stains on the walls and floor of the garage, as well a puddle of blood in an alcove. When asked why there was so much blood, Pettit said "I slapped her (Lily) a few times in the head" with handle bars and added he may have "thrown her," the statement said. He later added he swung the handle bars at the dog's mouth as well.

Pettit said he was upset with his dog because she does not like the sound his motorcycles make, and he loves to ride his motorcycles. When Pettit started one of his bikes, Lily hid from him, making him chase her around the garage. Pettit told detectives he yelled at her to try to calm her down, but got angry when he had to chase her around.

Officers found Lily in the back yard and took her to an emergency veterinarian where she was sedated. She's expected to have a number of her teeth extracted.

Pettit is being held at the Pierce County Jail under investigation of first-degree animal cruelty. He is being held on $30,000.