New push on to find missing McCleary girl

New push on to find missing McCleary girl
Lindsey J. Baum
MCCLEARY, Wash. - Exactly one week after a 10-year-old girl vanished in this small Western Washington mill town, detectives are out in force trying to find leads to help solve her disappearance.

Lindsey Baum was last seen between 9 and 10 p.m. on Friday, June 26, as she walked home from a friend's home who lives about four or five blocks away.

An intense ground and aerial search carried out over the following days failed to turn up any clues, and searchers scaled back their efforts Thursday.

But now Lindsey's disappearance is being publicized in a new way, as folks hand out fliers to people driving through town in hopes of finding the missing girl.

One of those taking part in the latest effort is Duane Norris, who is doing what he can to keep Lindsey's picture out there and to keep the search alive.

"The thing about it is, all it takes is one tip," he says.

Lindsey was last seen at the corner of 6th and Maple heading home from her friend's house at about 9:15 p.m last Friday.

Detectives will be out in force at that same day and time this week to see who's around - and who may have been passing through town last Friday night.

They're willing to do anything to help kick loose a lead.

Fonda Voss is making sure visitors to nearby Straddleline ORV park are being reminded about Lindsey's disappearance. It's a big travel destination and one of the entrances to the Capitol Forest.

"The trails are very big. The Capitol Forest is 80,000 acres. Just keeping people aware when they're out on the trail to just keep their eyes open. It's a big area out there," she says.

At the request of the FBI, Clear Channel Communications also has agreed to put an alert about Lindsey up on their brand new digital billboards through the Kent Valley.

On Friday, Lola Kling of Kent passed through McCleary.

"I am so happy about that," she said of the new digital bulletins. "I'm really hoping that we can find this little girl."

Detectives are asking anyone to report if they've seen anything suspicious, if they've seen the little missing girl or anything out of the ordinary. They want to bring Lindsey home on the one-week anniversary of her disappearance.

A tipline has been set up at (866) 915-8299.

Meanwhile, FBI agents will be working through the holiday weekend, following up on dozens of tips that continue to come in.

Lindsey is 4-foot-9, 80 pounds, with brown hair and brown eyes, and was last seen wearing a light blue hooded pullover shirt and blue jeans.