'We're looking for healing and answers'

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Susanna Stodden and Mary Cooper
SEATTLE - Friends and family strolled around Green Lake on Saturday to remember a mother and daughter who were shot dead along a trail on Mount Pilchuck - and revive the search for their killer.

This year marks the third anniversary of the unsolved killings of Mary Cooper and Susanna Stodden. But family members want to keep attention on this case and remind everyone that - so far - someone got away with murder.

As they walked around Green Lake at sunset, family and friends focused on the two people they lost.

"Susanna was my friend from growing up, and my mom was friends with Mary," says Claire Fenton, who took part in the walk and still misses both of them.

"We need to keep it in the public eye," says David Stodden, the husband and father of the victims, who helped organize Saturday evening's tribute.

All leads have gone cold in the case, and Stodden wants to keep it in the public eye.

"Basically we're looking for healing, and we're looking for answers," he says.

Other tributes have been made, including a school library named after Cooper, who worked as a librarian for years.

"She was a very holistic librarian," says Pat Bliquez, who worked with Cooper. "I don't think her top priority was getting the books back on the shelf in neat order, but connecting with kids was really her top priority."

In South Seattle a park bench is named after Susanna - and Stodden does what he can to keep the case active.

"I go to Granite Falls several times a year and put up Crime-Stopper posters, and up the trail and put them on the trail," he says.

Detectives have never cleared Stodden as a suspect. He says he doesn't care, so long as they keep investigating.

"Until the case is solved, I'll be some sort of suspect," he concedes.

As for the people taking part in Saturday evening's tribute - they say hope is the only way to deal with the loss.