Hey, there's no cliff rescue in 'Twilight' series

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Screen shot of video filmed by U.S. Coast Guard of Twilight fan rescoe near La Push, Wash.
LA PUSH, Wash. -- A fan of the Twilight books may have taken things a little too far.

The Coast Guard had to be called in Tuesday to rescue a 22-year-old man who got stuck on Little James Island near La Push.

Officials with the Quileute Indian nation say the person was a tourist from Georgia who went to the island to scope out a site where Twilight's main character Bella and the Quileute wolves go cliff diving in the second book, "New Moon."

He ended up stuck on a 150-foot tall cliff.

A Coast Guard helicopter was summoned from Port Angeles to hoist the man off the cliff. He was taken to a doctor in Quillayute to be checked out.