Rumor of ghosts invites trouble to Selleck

Rumor of ghosts invites trouble to Selleck
SELLECK, Wash. -- Selleck is a small town with a ghostly reputation and all-too-real troubles.

A rumor born years ago has it that a former school house in the town is haunted.

Residents say the rumor isn't true, but the reputation is enough to lure thrill seekers to the town.

Town residents say teenagers race around the tiny loop that serves as the main road through Selleck.

"Doing 50, 60 miles an hour sometimes, honking their horns all the way around, and sometimes they go around multiple times," said one resident who only wished to be identified as "Sean."

That's a problem for the remote former mill town where children play freely in the streets.

One man has already been run down in the road. He remains in the hospital.

"You know, it's getting pretty dangerous," said Sean.

Neighbors blame teenagers from neighboring cities for recent troubles.

"I think they keep getting away with it. And the police don't want to come out," said Sherrie Lamb.

But there's a more sinister reason behind the harassment Selleck resident receive. Stories claim ghosts have come through to haunt the town, and the teenagers are racing through to agitate those spirits.

"You know, it's probably just rumors, stories that they hear from others kids at school. I mean, there's a Web site out there saying supposedly the school house is haunted, but that's not true," Sean said.

People in Selleck would like to put up a gate or install speed bump, but King County maintains the road and doesn't want a gate to block access, or speed-bumps to damage snow plows.

Sheriff's deputies say there's no crime wave in Selleck, but deputies are keeping a closer eye on the town as a result of the residents' complains. Getting a more permanent solution worked out will take some time