Mother outraged by naked bicycle protest

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SEATTLE -- An Everett mother says she's outraged over a weekend protest full of naked cyclists.

The group was riding along the Seattle waterfront Friday night wearing nothing but smiles to expose some of the dangers they face.

But not everyone was smiling.

"I looked and there were naked men with their genitals hanging out," said Marcy Hayes, who was there with her 6-year-old daughter Ashland. "I'm yelling at my daughter to look away."

Hayes says she and her daughter walked out of the Seattle Aquarium and right into the path of a pack of cyclists and all their nakedness.

"I just can't believe this is allowed," she said. "I don't understand what law would say it is OK."

When it comes to naked cyclists, Seattle police have a high tolerance. They said it's not illegal to be naked in public unless you provoke or offend someone.

In fact on Friday night, police knew the protesters would ride through Green Lake Park, which was loaded with parents and children. They asked the cyclists to put their clothes on through the park, and they did.

"I guess I feel it is an irrational perspective," said Daniel Johnson with World Naked Bike Ride. "I can only imagine the story that goes behind the handful of people who complain."

Johnson says on Friday his group joined with riders from Critical Mass; both groups promote cycling.

Johnson was in that pack Friday night to promote cycling. Johnson says they exposed themselves to create awareness about how exposed they are to traffic, air pollution and to protest oil dependency.

"We're protesting indecent exposure to automobile emissions," Johnson said.

The reaction from others was mixed.

"Oh I'd be angry, definitely," said Suzie Combs, a parent from Bellingham. "It's completely inappropriate in my opinion."

But Bill Smith says it's part of the culture.

"This is a world with a lot of different alternative lifestyles and one of the things that makes Seattle a great city is the diversity," Smith said.

The group says there are 60 similar naked rides happening this year worldwide. There were no arrests on Friday. Police say someone has to file a complaint and be willing to go to court.