What a way to celebrate your 90th birthday!

What a way to celebrate your 90th birthday!
SHELTON, Wash. -- How's this for an unusual birthday party for a 90-year-old woman from Puyallup? She wants to skydive.

At 90-years young, Vada Rambo wanted to celebrate her birthday by taking a walk on the wild side.

She decided to jump even though she is totally blind -- has been since birth, but seeing is only one of the senses.

"Oh, I'll feel it," she said before she stepped on the plane.

The nice thing is that Vada is not going to celebrate this birthday by herself. She has four generations of her family here to jump with her.

It was a tandem jump, with famed jumper Keri Bell as her instructor.

Kapowsin Air Sports has a lot of fun requests for jumps, but this is a first from a 90-year-old blind great-grandmother.

The plane took them to 13,000 feet over the Shelton Airport, and then the moment of truth -- Vada and seven members of her family take the plunge.

The seasoned jumpers say it's fun to see someone at this stage of life to experience excitement. And for many people, there's nothing more exciting than freefalling towards Earth.

Vada and the jumping crew made a light touchdown back on Earth -- an experience of a lifetime for the 90-year-old.

"Never thought I'd do this," she said.

"I'm absolutely proud of her," said one of her family members. "Not every mother would go out and do that at her age and not being able to see."

Vada says she wants to come back here for 100th birthday celebration.