Ewww! Bed bugs making a big comeback in Seattle

Ewww! Bed bugs making a big comeback in Seattle »Play Video
SEATTLE – Bed bugs are making a nasty little comeback, so say officials at the "Bed Bug Summit" held Thursday in Seattle.

"They're elusive, we just don't typically see them," said Greg Baumann with the National Pest Management Association. "They're nocturnal; they only come out at night."

And the painful pests are on the rise. Extermination companies say bed bug calls are up 70 percent in the last 2 years.

"Some people believe it might be tied to international travel, but to tell you the truth sometimes it's just a cyclical nature of the pest," Baumann said.

To fight back, the pest control industry held a bed bug summit Thursday. Most of those who attended own hotels and apartments, but wanted to remain anonymous -- lest you think they have bugs in their buildings.

They're here to see the latest technology to find and kill the insects.

Why are they so hard to kill? Bed bugs can live a year without eating. They reproduce rapidly and survive temperatures from freezing to over 110 degrees.

One way to fight the bugs: Specially-trained dogs. Believe it or not, they can come to your house and let you know right away if you've got a problem.

For Eckhard Mueller, it's a busy time.

"It started out slowly with about one or 2 jobs per month, now we go on 2 to 3 jobs a week," he said.

The best way to protect yourself is to realize bed bugs are hitchhikers, so carefully inspect your luggage while unpacking.

"They are real, they are out there and they travel on us," Mueller said. "They are coming back big time."

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