Cat born with no eyes, but you'd never know by watching her

Cat born with no eyes, but you'd never know by watching her »Play Video
TACOMA - When someone dropped off a stray cat at the Humane Society for Tacoma and Pierce County, shelter workers didn't notice right away what made her unique.

She just seemed so "normal."

But they quickly realized, in her four weeks of life so far, she's already overcome a disability.

When she peeks out of her cage, or bats at her toy ball, she has the look of any other kitten.
But there is something that makes her unique; something that meant she didn't have toys right away.

"I thought maybe I'd put a bell in there to see if that would stimulate her and she totally started behaving like a normal cat," says Pam McCrindle. "She just started going crazy on toys."

"You almost don't know she can't see," adds Cecily Joque, "until you look at her eyes."

She was born with no eyes.

But when she walks up to the edge of a table, she stops.

"She's never had vision. This is a birth defect," explains Joque. "So she's not missing anything if you think about it. She's got a very good sense of where she is."

And she knows where she wants to be - with people.

"She compensates with her other senses. She can smell. And she can hear. So if you're standing by her cage, she'll grab your pants leg. Or if you're cleaning a cage above her or right next to her, she'll reach out and grab your hair. Or anything else she can get her little paws on," Joque says.

A local veterinarian, Dr. Tim Gintz from Pacific Avenue Vet, is donating a surgery to remove her tear ducts and close her eyelids to prevent infection. Then in about a month, she'll be available for adoption.

It will be hard for shelter workers to say goodbye. She's so special, they've already named her Angel.

If you're interested in adopting Angel, the Humane Society will post her information on their Web site, as soon as she's ready to go into a home. The shelter will also feature her on Comcast On Demand.

We'll also keep you posted here on KOMO 4.

In the meantime, the Humane Society has dozens of other kittens and adult cats ready for adoption right now.