'They'll flash you for extra money'

'They'll flash you for extra money'
EVERETT, Wash. -- The city of Everett is considering a tougher lewd behavior ordinance after receiving some 50 complaints in the past six months about some local bikini baristas.

But the residents aren't complaining about what the baristas are wearing - or not wearing. Instead, they say they're steaming over what the baristas are doing in their bikinis.

"They'll flash you for extra money or they'll let you stick money on their underpants," said resident Kay Gourley.

Gourley is not against all bikini baristas - she herself works at Cowgirls Espresso, where she says such obscene acts are not allowed.

But she says she's seen bikini baristas at other stands acting indecently, and she wonders whether a few bad apples will spoil a brewing business for the rest of the baristas.

And that just may be the case.

The Everett City Council is considering toughening up the city's lewd behavior ordinance. Over the next three weeks, council members will debate just how strict the new limitations should be.

But some residents think all bikini baristas should be banned without question.

"I think the baristas are inappropriate, degrading and very embarrassing," said 11-year-old Hannah Amburgy.

"I think sexuality is a thing to be kept in your own home and your own bedroom, and not necessarily flaunted for everyone else," said her mother, Terri Amburgy.

But Mayor Ray Stephanson says it's not that easy.

"We need to ensure we protect all of our first amendment rights," he said.

And for every person who thinks baristas in bikinis paint a vulgar scene, there's another person who thinks there's no harm in a girl selling coffee in a bikini.

But in the case of the baristas who are said to be flashing customers and engaging in other lewd behavior, Stephanson said something will be done.

"That's really what this ordinance will address," he said.