Police warn of man 'fixated' on high school athletes

Police warn of man 'fixated' on high school athletes
Sherwin Shayegan is seen in two undated photos provided by police.
BONNEY LAKE, Wash. -- Police here are warning students to beware of a man who has a fixation on high school athletes.

Investigators said Sherwin Shayegan lured a Bonney Lake High School football player to a library on Monday, saying he wanted to interview the athlete for a college term paper interview.

The student later told police the man was acting strange and, when he tried to leave, the man jumped on his back and asked for a piggy back ride.

The student ran off and contacted police.

Investigators said Shayegan has committed similar offenses against high school students across the state.

In a police bulletin, officers wrote, "Shayegan is possibly developmentally delayed and has an apparent fixation on high school athletes."

Anyone with information about Shayegan is asked to call Bonney Lake Police at (253) 863-2218.