2½-year sentence for man with 1,300 CDs of child porn

KELSO, Wash. -- A former Little League coach who was found to have over a thousand CDs full of child pornography images was sentenced to 32 months in prison Friday.

In addition, 60-year-old Benny L. Hill will be required to have 15 years of supervised release.

Agents were clued in to Hill's stash while investigating a Fairfield, Conn. man on child pornography charges. Investigators found Hill's email address, "Stoned_coach," and learned the Fairfield man had been trading child pornography with Hill over the Internet.

When agents searched Hill's Kelso home on March 12, 2008, they discovered 1,300 CDs full of child pornography images.

In fact, the collection was so large, "agents abandoned efforts to continue counting all the images and videos," said Assistant United States Attorney David Reese Jennings.

Hill was arrested and last August, pleaded guilty to possession of child pornography.

"I cannot overstate the revulsion in our community, nor the serious and insidious impact on our culture, or how these offenses raise levels of fear in our society," U.S. District Judge Ronald B. Leighton said in a statement released after sentencing Friday. "The joy of childhood is constrained by parents who are scared to death by the people who are inspired, motivated, and titillated by those who possess this material."

Prosecutors had asked for a sentence of just over 8 years.