Man hitchhiking across the world passes through Seattle

Man hitchhiking across the world passes through Seattle
Jeremy Marie
SEATTLE -- Just out of college, no wife, no job. He chose to hit the road.

"The main reason is I wanted to travel the world," he says proudly.

But his travel method is anything but conventional.

"My name is Jeremy Marie. I am a French man, and I am 25 years old," he tells KOMO. "I'm currently traveling the world by hitchhiking."

His technique?

"I'm very 'old school,' so I like to stick my thumb out," Marie says with a grin.

But his thumb hasn't worked everywhere.

"In some Muslim countries, it's insulting, so you change the finger," he says.

Watch what finger you change.

Just the concept of hitchhiking around the world prompts several questions, like 'how do you hitchhike across an ocean?'

"The catamaran, and sailing boats," he replies. "Because there's less cars than boats on the ocean."

Yeah, he's quite a character, which is probably why he's had little trouble finding people to give him a ride.

But Marie is currently in Washington, where it's illegal to hitchhike in many areas. He said he hasn't had any trouble here... yet.

The other day in Olympia he managed to lure a ride while standing near a 'No hitchhiking' sign.

Hitchhiking takes patience, which Marie knows first-hand. After all, he was scheduled to be back in France next month.

As it currently stands, he's been at this two years, and isn't even halfway around the world. But this Frenchman will march on.

"I don't think I will stop by being discouraged," he says confidently.

Since three more years is a long time, Marie's family is due to fly to meet him in Montreal in November so they can catch-up, and maybe scold him for staying away from home so long.


If you'd like to keep up with Jeremy Marie and his hitchhiking adventure, he has a blog and photos, as well as his progress, posted online on his Web site. It's written in French, so look for the button that says "English."