Skier dies in avalanche near Crystal Mountain

Skier dies in avalanche near Crystal Mountain »Play Video
CRYSTAL MOUNTAIN, Wash. (AP) - A skier was killed Saturday when he was buried in an avalanche in an out-of-bounds area at the Crystal Mountain ski resort.

The avalanche occurred about 3 p.m. when the victim and a male companion were in an area that was roped off and marked as permanently closed to skiing, said Tiana Enger, marketing director for the ski resort.

The area is on the back side of the resort and actually within the boundary of Mount Rainier National Park, she said. The ski area is just east of the park.

The victim was wearing a transponder, which helped rescuers narrow the search, but he was unconscious and not breathing and could not be revived, Enger said.

The second skier was not hurt.

Names, ages, hometowns and other details about the two skiers were not immediately available.

Enger said it was not known how the avalanche was triggered.