Stryker soldiers save Iraqi man trapped in truck crash

DIYALA, Iraq. -- Fort Lewis Stryker soldiers are being credited with helping save an Iraqi man who was trapped in a car crash.

The soldiers, part of the 18th Engineer Company of the 3rd Stryker Brigade, were in a convoy west of Julula in the Diyala province when they noticed several Iraqi police cars surrounding a damaged truck, a U.S. Army spokeswoman said.

A medic in the convoy was sent to help, and it was determined the crash victim was pinned at the waist in the cab of the truck.

The soldiers were able to use a Stryker vehicle and tow strap to separate the cab far enough to free the trapped person.

"This is a great example of the cooperation being seen around Diyala province," 2nd Lt. Jennifer Palmeri, an Army spokeswoman, said in a news release. "Though U.S. Forces were not contacted to go to the scene for help, they saw a situation in which they could be of aid, and they worked with the Iraqi Police at the scene to get the incident resolved quickly and safely."