Can't wait for the flowers these April showers bring

Can't wait for the flowers these April showers bring
SEATTLE - They say April showers bring May flowers. I'm not sure the flowers around here have had April snow to work with, though.

A few areas around western Washington awoke to a little snow early Monday morning, making some go back and check the calendar again. (Yes, today is indeed April 2nd.) Most of the snow was confined to Snohomish County -- the greater Everett area had a dusting to 1/2", while out toward Snohomish and Monroe, it was a little more. In Monroe, there was enough snow to delay the start of school for two hours. We also had reports from Lake Stevens and Granite Falls.

A pretty cold air mass moved into the area from the northwest during the day Sunday. That gave us the starting point for the snow. In the meantime, that strong northwest flow helped create a Puget Sound Convergence Zone (what's that? Check out our Weather FAQ) that basically parked right over Snohomish County.

Not only did that help provide the moisture source, but it can somewhat artificially drop snow levels to lower altitudes (More meteorological background on that as well in our Weather FAQ). The general freezing level around the area was 2,000 feet today, but heavy downdrafts inside the Convergence Zone can cool the air a few degrees to where the snow level inside the Zone was around 500 feet -- low enough for those aforementioned cities.

The Zone is expected to stick around through most of the day, but fluctuate in intensity. Still, expect occasional rain and or ice pellet/wet snow between Seattle and Everett and points east through the day, but with temperatures getting into the 40s, no accumulations are expected and what's on the ground this morning will melt off before too long. Outside this area, just a few scattered showers today amid plenty of sunbreaks.

Temperatures generally today will only reach the mid-upper 40s, so while snow is of no concern to Safeco Field for Opening Day today, it will be quite chilly even though the game is being played in the warmest time of the day.

Once we get into later this week, temperatures quickly warm back to near 60, not only getting us back into the spring frame of mind, but helping those gardens get going.

In the meantime, maybe we have to change that saying to "April snow makes your May garden grow?" Guess we'll see in about four weeks.