Jilted lover accused of hiding in girlfriend's attic, then beating her

Jilted lover accused of hiding in girlfriend's attic, then beating her

LACEY - A jilted lover is accused of bizarre behavior in stalking his victim.  He reportedly hid in her attic for days and then jumped down and assaulted his former girlfriend and her daughter.

Roy ‘Billy’ Day made his first appearance at Thurston County Superior Court Monday.  His alleged victims were also in court.  They wanted to be there to see the man who, they say, violated their privacy and then turned violent.

"It's kind of a... it's my kids' playhouse up there," Yolanda Haas says as shows us the way Day crept back into her life.  He went up the stairs and into the attic of her Lacey home.

"He's never been a violent person with me or my kids," Haas said.

Yolanda's friend Leonard Taber crawls into the attic and shows where Day was sleeping: "He had a fan and sleeping bag so obviously he was planning doing something.  Hiding up here."

For an unknown reason, Yolanda says Day cut a hole in the ceiling of her bedroom, jumped down and confronted her and her daughter.

"And the next thing I know, he pushed me in the bathroom with real force and turned around and just slugged my daughter in the face," she said.

Daughter Alicia Haas confirmed, "Billy punched me a couple of times," adding that she's still black and blue.

And then Day is accused of turning on Yolanda.  Her face is still purple from being hit 20 times.

"And I thought I was dead," Yolanda Haas said. "That's all I thought about is 'I'm dying today.' "

She and her daughter survived and wanted to be in court as Day made his first appearance. He’s accused of 4th degree assault and burglary and was ordered held on $500,000 bail.

"He needs to stay in (jail)," Yolanda told the judge. "He will kill me."

They can understand Day's jealousy.  They can't understand his violence or his hiding for three days in their attic.

"Creepy," she said. "He heard everything that went on... everything."

Bizarre behavior made even more so by the fact that he sawed a hole in the ceiling instead of going back down the stairs.

Day has a criminal record of assault and theft, but Yolanda said she didn't believe he'd lash out at them.