Mukilteo math teacher nears stardom as country musician

Mukilteo math teacher nears stardom as country musician »Play Video
MUKILTEO, Wash. -- What do Nashville and math have in common? We're finding the answer in a Mukilteo teacher who's goin' country.

Chance McKinney doesn't just teach math at Kamiak High School, he is a contestant in Country Music Television's show "Music City Madness"

For the last decade, McKinney has written and performed. Last summer, a friend suggested he enter his song "Be Real" in a contest. Last week, Chance found out he made the final four. Tuesday, kids in his class waited with bated breath at a computer screen to find out if he advances to the final two.

And after long weeks of enlisting friends and family to get out the vote -- it pays off. Chance is indeed going to the dance.

First, there's relief, then the shock of reality that Chance McKinney is that much closer to becoming a star.

"I didn't think I'd be a part of the 64, let alone make it this far," McKinney said. "The song has taken off, the kids have taken off. The family support; the state support. I mean, I've got people voting from 23 different states now."

So, who knew their math teacher had this hidden talent?!?

"(I) used to think of Mr. McKinney as this football, macho -- he's this math teacher, and all of a sudden, he's this kick-butt country music performer," said Kamiak student Rachel Kaye. "It's like, that's really awesome!"

"I heard about it last year," added student Matthew Johnson, "and I thought it was really cool to have someone as a high school teacher sort of have this other life that you wouldn't expect. I'm sort of a musician, so it's something I admire."

The numbers are adding up for this math-teaching, country signing Chance McKinney, who is focused on two things: Getting you to vote for him, and keeping in mind no matter where this ride takes him, he'll "Be Real."

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